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In the Beginning, There Was a House

It’s been a month since I closed on the house. I still haven’t moved in.

I had dreams of being in before Christmas, of doing everything that needed doing (my list grows every time I go over there) before I actually could live in it. That clearly hasn’t happened.

Luckily I’m not being kicked out, per say, of where I currently live, but I do need to get this place up and running as quickly as possible, if only for my sanity. I’ve spent the past month doing everything from paint to replacing toilets and floors. Here I’ll share a few of the before pictures:

imageHere’s the view from the front door. You can see the (very) dirty floors and curtains that have probably been in this house since it was built. The former owner seemed to have an affinity for brown, and not pretty brown. Yes, that is sponge-painting brown and yellow? on the beam.

imageThe kitchen: I’m sad to say that these cabinets have been recently painted because they are so ugly. I think, if the hardware was different, it may be better, but the owner was apparently (I think) trying to compliment the ugly 70s brown tile backsplash. It didn’t work. However, this room was one reason I liked this house. It has a large island-type thing AND a pantry! I only saw one other house with a pantry of all I looked at.

Here’s the master bedroom, complete with thick, heavy curtains that were covered in dust. Those came down first thing. The carpet is pretty gross – covered in dog pee. It hasn’t been replaced yet, but it will be soon. There was a lovely dog pee stain on one wall that took 6 coats of primer to cover, but it’s gone now!

Master bath. Pretty small and the toilet was broken, but the shower has white tile (a step-up from my current place where it’s 60s blue).

The second bathroom is a problem I’m not quite ready to tackle. That wallpaper is on every wall. The shower has 3 different color of tile, and there’s that 70s brown again. It’s in every bathroom.

The laundry room! Quite big. Almost too big to figure out what to do with it. The floor needs replacing and apparently, so does the water heater (of course, right?). I had to scrub the floor several times to get all the dirt off, from under that little freezer, and behind the washer/dryer. Also, yet another ugly valence curtain. The window was blocked by a bush that was attached to chain link fence and attached to the house. I got that down with a lot of effort (and minimal cursing).

imageThis is just the hallway. You can see the sponge paint goes all the way down.

The floor has since been scrubbed and all the walls painted. I’ll post the after pics in a bit, at least a few since not all rooms have been completed. Welcome to my house!


6 thoughts on “In the Beginning, There Was a House

  1. Now you need to post the pictures after I sprayed the house and installed the toilet .. Also I hear you did some additional painting .

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