To Paint a House (in 2 Days)

Painting a house doesn’t sound all that terrible until you really get going on it. When I first saw my house, I stupidly thought, “Oh, this isn’t so bad at all. I might not even need to paint it!” I think that thought came after seeing so many terrible houses that all needed to be painted. The more I saw the house (during inspections and the like), the more I began to realize that yes, it very much needed to be painted. And not just the walls. The ceiling too.

I’ve never painted ceilings with a roller, and dear God, I don’t ever want to start. It sounds painful, like Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel and dying soon after. Okay, not quite that dramatic, but you get the point.

The point was, painting ceilings is not my cup of tea.

So what’s the best and fastest way to paint an entire house within a limited amount of time? Use a sprayer.

Luckily for me, my brother-in-law used to be a painter, and we did spray their current house a few years ago. So I went down to Home Depot (because everywhere else I called in town was magically out of sprayers or they were all broken) and rented a paint sprayer.

We sprayed the house on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. A great long weekend, eh? Two weekends before, I’d ripped out all the ugly curtains and blinds, patched all the holes that needed patching and primed. Then the weekend before Christmas, I masked off all the windows, doors that wouldn’t be removed, and all the floors that weren’t carpet. It took quite a while and in the end, we had a bit of overspray anyway which meant scrubbing floors.


So without further ado, it took us two days to spray out the ENTIRE house (excepting the second bathroom which is full of wallpaper and will be a project within itself). Initially, we sprayed everything white (color is Du Jour by Valspar) and actual wall-painting comes later.

dining1dining2 texthall1hall2 textlaundry1laundry2 textliving1living2 text

The next step is to paint actual colors on the wall, but so far, just painting everything white has made is so much more bright and airy (not to mention gotten rid of any weird, lingering smells from the house before).

Last weekend I painted all the doors (in the same white, but semi-gloss) and I’m letting them cure a bit before rehanging them. I’ve still got a ways to go, but it’s coming along.



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