The NeverEnding Story (of Moving)

I’ve moved a lot in my life. I’ve lived in 6 states, 3 countries, and more houses and apartments than I can count. And moving sucks every time. Actually, moving overseas was pretty easy since I only took a couple suitcases. It’s all packing up boxes, or if you’re just moving across town, tossing things in the car and making a thousand trips.

What I’m trying to say is that I finally moved in.

Yes. My stuff is all in the house (it looks like a lot more stuff now that it has multiple rooms to live in). The cat is cowering behind the toilet in the bathroom (her safe place). She was not happy being put in her carrier. She’s only been in it three times before and both times resulted in either shots or surgery. She’s already a vocal cat, but put her in a carrier and she won’t shut up.


Throughout this whole “renovations” process (I’m calling that despite the fact that no walls were torn down), I’ve always had a list of things to-do, and at times, it has seemed miles long. In the middle, it especially seemed daunting, and as though I would never get it done.

A while ago on my Writing Blog, I made a post about the Reverse Bucket List. It’s basically a list of accomplishments so when life isn’t going your way, you can remind yourself that you have accomplished things. So that’s what I started doing with the house. I made a list. I like lists.

So here’s what I have done so far on this house:

  • Removed all blinds/curtains/shades
  • Removed all nails/screws/etc from walls
  • Patch and primed all walls
  • Painted entire house (walls and ceiling)
  • Painted doors in semi-gloss
  • Removed plant from back of house
  • Removed toilet from Master bathroom
  • Replaced toilet in Master bath
  • Installed new vinyl flooring in Master bath
  • Painted living room, dining room, kitchen walls, and Master bath in colors
  • Had new carpet installed
  • Replaced all switches/plugs and covers
  • Installed new Master bath vanity light fixture
  • Installed new wall sconce in kitchen
  • Installed new pantry shelves
  • Made and installed new attic door coverings (2)
  • Installed new locks (2)
  • Removed wood shelving from garage
  • Installed new water heater
  • Removed dishwasher
  • Replaced leaking shut-off valve
  • Patched flooring
  • Caulked windows (free service from electric company)
  • Weatherstripped doors (free service from electric company)
  • Taped duct venting (free service from electric company)
  • Installed new smoke detector
  • Painted kitchen cabinet shelves
  • Installed new faucet in Master bath
  • Installed vinyl tile under sink in kitchen and Master bath
  • Cleaned out fridge
  • Put up curtains in living room and Master bedroom

So there you have it. That’s all the things I did before moving in, and there are still things on the list to do.

Now that I’ve actually moved in and will be living there, maybe I will actually get some of these things. Most importantly is to get the baseboards installed in the Master bath, but I need the jigsaw for that and it is conveniently not around at the moment.

So here are the biggest to-dos that will, maybe, eventually happen:

  • Install baseboards in Master bath
  • Tape and mud drywall in garage (to get it up to code)
  • Tackle the guest bath (remove wallpaper, prime, paint, etc, lighting, remove heater…)
  • Clean out shed & install window
  • Paint kitchen cabinets & install new hardware

Those are my big things to do. There are, of course, many other small problems I don’t want to think about, but they will crop up. There are probably already ten things that I should be doing right now, but let’s wait until the furniture gets here, okay? Okay.




2 thoughts on “The NeverEnding Story (of Moving)

    1. The cat has finally (it seems) adjusted. I think she enjoys not having to deal with four dogs for the first time in her life. She’ll enjoy it more once there’s a couch to lounge on, I’m sure.

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