1 Room, 6 Weeks – Laundry

Now that the bathroom is finally done, I can move onto other projects, hopefully less stressful projects that don’t involve plumbing *fingers crossed emoji*. So I’ve been on Pinterest for like only a year and a half (yes, I know, I was slow to join up even though my friend had been sending me invites since Pinterest first started years ago and you could only join with an invite). Since I’ve been on there, I’ve seen lots of blog posts about the “6 Week, 1 Room Challenge.” NGL, I’ve been wanting to try one even though I don’t like time restraints.

I may not get this done in six weeks depending on money and other things, but we’re gonna try.

I’ve decided to do the laundry room. I guess it’s technically cheating because I’ve been working on this laundry room off and on for a while, but I have a particular project I want to get done, which I feel like will finish off the laundry room. But it’s a big project, so that’s why I’m counting it here as the “room.”

Let’s refresh our memories of the laundry room. When I bought the house, it was just a gigantic room with a water heater and the washer/dryer in it along with ugly 1964 linoleum. It was also really dirty, but that’s beside the point. First things first, I had to replace the water heater and fix a gas leak (always fun to deal with right off the bat).

huge empty laundry room with a brand new water heater

I replaced the floor not long after moving in, putting down groutable vinyl tile, which made a huge improvement.


So it’s kind of been like that for a while. I did build a little bench for shoes and put in an Ikea mirror/coat rack thing.

For such a huge room, there’s really not much there. No storage, no entryway, nothing. When I moved in, there were a few oddly-placed shelves that I took down and tossed them in the garage where they still are. From pictures I saw when the house was listed, the previous homeowners had a big stackable shelf in the corner piled full of stuff (and people wonder why their houses sit on the market).

I’ve had an idea for a while to put in some storage, mainly cupboards. This huge room is a waste without storage. So that is the six week plan.

Here I am cheating again because I’ve already started.  (I don’t follow rules well, okay.) I bought the cupboards, unfinished from Home Depot, over the past couple months.

Here you can see the bench/coat rack (and my plant that is still alive!), and what the laundry looks like currently (bit of a mess). Ignore the air conditioner on the floor. It’ll be back in the barn once temps start averaging 85 degrees, which shouldn’t be long now the way the weather is going.


Here are the cabinets. I went through a long drawn-out debate about how long to make them. The longest I can realistically go is 6′ otherwise it’s too close to the water heater. Originally, I also had the dog to consider, where its kennel would go, but as I no longer have a dog, it’s less of a concern (UNLESS I end up getting another dog someday. There are just too many what ifs). Still, it’s something to think about.

In the end, I have decided to go with 4′ of cabinets with a 6′ counter, built out with legs to accommodate a stool (or a dog kennel in some far distant future). Where we are so far in this 6 week process before we officially start: cabinets have been bought, baseboards have been cut and removed so the cabinet can be installed properly, and shelves have been made and are ready to be installed.

That’s where we are. So in the next six weeks, the plan is to sand, prime, paint (pick a color), install cabinets, choose a countertop and install, tile backsplash, install shelves. I’m not doing upper cabinets because 1) I don’t want to make the room look small, 2) I don’t want to install uppers, and 3) I think it’ll look better with shelves.

So the next step is to sand and prime. Then I have to pick a color. I will be honest, I have been trying to pick a color for weeks now. It is just so hard.


These are the options I’ve narrowed it down to, though it’s probably harder to really tell them apart in a picture. Mostly greenish-blue. I’m worried about going too dark and making the room seem small, but Pinterest has got me liking the really dark blue-ish cabinets lately. I’m not going to go that dark.

So there we have it. Onto the challenge, I suppose. I’ll try to keep this blog updated each week! Yet another challenge. Here we go!


One thought on “1 Room, 6 Weeks – Laundry

  1. I vote for the middle card – just in case you wanted some input! Just used a new product – Rustoleum’s Chalked paint which would eliminate the priming. Coat with Minwax’s water based poly in satin (the can with the aqua label which is non-yellowing) and you should be good to go. Prep – wipe the dust off (if you need to sand a rough area or two first, but these are new). A couple of coats, three of the poly and you should have a tough durable finish. P.S. Their color Patina is my current fave. Natural finished upper shelves would look terrific! xxxooo Nosy Aunt Sue

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