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The Bathroom is Officially Done

Just a quick post to announce that the bathroom remodel is complete! It only took an entire year. I suppose that’s good for doing it all myself? Sure.

I’m not going to reiterate everything I talked about in my last post but here’s a quick summary of everything I did to this bathroom.

Bathroom before
  • removed wallpaper
  • removed baseboards
  • demo’d toilet, vanity, mirror, light, ceiling heater, floor
  • skim coated walls & primed and painted
  • installed new groutable vinyl tile floor
  • new vanity and overhead light
  • installed new vanity
  • tiled new backsplash
  • installed new mirror

A lot of the reason it took a whole year was that I haven’t done much of this before so I was nervous to do it, so I put it off. What can I say, I’m a procrastinator. Anyway, as of last Wednesday, it’s officially done (well, except the shower/tub which I did not touch, that’s another scary project in itself).


So there we are. The large majority of items came from Home Depot, some from Lowes (the floor and the lights). The mirror is from Towel hooks are from IKEA. It’s just a relief to have it done, though that doesn’t mean I’m through with projects. In fact, I’m already on to the next one… stay tuned.


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