ORC Reveal! A Laundry Room Revamp

I made it! Well, almost. Barely, under the wire, by the skin of my teeth. Literally writing this hours before the official deadline of tomorrow.

I’ll just say the delay was not my fault? Relying on other people has its obvious downsides, like the fact that they’re not reliable. Anyway, moving on. The Laundry room is (almost) complete! I stayed up late last night tiling, so all that’s left to do is grout. Just have to decide which color grout.

So! Let’s remind us where we started.


This was the laundry room before I bought the house. Before I started this official project, the freezer was moved to the garage (yes, the homeowners left it behind), the water heater was replaced, a curtain put up around the water heater, the washer replaced, and a new floor put in. Oh, and everything was painted white.


The before, if you will. I did not clean up for this shot at all. The AC unit has since been put back in the barn for summer for the rabbits. Now for the true reveal! Are you excited?

IMG_0006 IMG_0007

Barely made it. The fact that I got mostly done is a miracle. The counter went in yesterday, on my lunch break.




As a reminder, the color of the cabinets is Copper Patina by Behr, and the granite came from a local company, American Stone Works. I’m not lucky enough to have sponsors, so I got the cabinet knobs (on the drawers) from Home Depot and the bars from Houzz.



The decor comes mostly from what I already had. The box came from HomeGoods, the notebook is one of the many I picked up when I was living in China (I have a notebook problem). The glass float came from the Oregon coast, where I grew up. I’m not the type of person who goes out and buys decor unless it means something to me. So I don’t have a lot of extra pieces floating around my house.


I’ve been trying to get better at not killing plants, hence why there are more in this room than I’ve ever owned in my life.



And a bonus of me (left), my sister, and my niece at zero hour, staging before it got dark so I could take these pictures. I look particularly not good in this photo but oh well.

Of course, the batteries in my good camera were dead, so I turned to my iPad, which apparently has a better camera than my phone.

Whew! It’s over. Well, almost. But I’m out of town (yet again) tomorrow for a funeral, so the grouting will have to wait. I think I need a break before I start another project, but I always say that, and the next weekend I will have ripped apart my bathroom or something else.

Happy One Room Challenge! For my first one, I think it went decently. Maybe I’ll be a little more ambitious next time.


See all the makeovers here.



6 thoughts on “ORC Reveal! A Laundry Room Revamp

  1. SO cute! I love the color you chose for the cabinets and that hex tile is fabulous! Makes me want to spruce up my laundry room!

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