The Already-Done List

I’ve been moved into this house for a year and a few months. I know I just finished the One Room Challenge, but I look around and there’s still so much to do. So when I’m feeling annoyed at the amount of work this house still needs, I sit myself down and make a list of all the things I have managed, largely by myself, in this house over the past year.

Here we go. In the past year, I have:

  • Painted (via sprayer) the entire house, top to bottom
  • Painted (by hand) the living room, dining, master bath, and kitchen walls
  • Replaced the carpet in the bedrooms
  • Replaced all electrical outlets and switches with new white ones
    • My dad fixed the dual switch that wasn’t working correctly in the dining room
  • Hemmed and sewed curtains for 4 windows
  • Put down new groutable vinyl tile in both bathrooms and the laundry room
  • Deep cleaned all the windows
  • Replaced lights in the master bath, kitchen sconce, and dining room
  • Replaced the water heater
  • Installed insulation in the barn/shed roof
  • Installed a window in the barn/shed door
  • Replaced toilet in the master bath
  • Replaced faucet in the master bath
  • Installed new baseboards in master bath and around built-in bookshelf
  • Renovated guest bath
    • Replaced toilet
    • Installed new floor
    • Removed wallpaper
    • Skim coated walls
    • Primed & painted
    • Removed ceiling heater
    • Installed new vanity, faucet, light, and mirror
    • Installed new backsplash
  • Repainted house numbers on sidewalk
  • Installed shelves in living room
  • Revamped laundry room
    • Installed cabinets
      • Primed & painted
    • New countertop
    • Installed tile backsplash and shelves
  • Had electrician remove old switches/wires from where there used to be a swamp cooler
  • Put up curtain around water heater
  • Fixed leak in the master bath sink
  • Replaced valves under sink in kitchen
  • Removed portable dishwasher & patched floor underneath
  • Built and installed new gates in backyard
  • Replaced locks on front and back doors
  • Replaced all interior doorknobs
  • Replaced all doorstops
  • Painted front door
  • Removed giant shelf from garage
  • Dismantled & relocated shelf from shed
  • Replaced shower head in master bath
  • Electric company installed new smart thermostat (for free!)

And before I moved in, the sewer lines in the backyard were replaced.

So when I’m feeling like there are still a million things to do, let’s just come back to this list to remind me where I started.


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