Bringing the Garage Up to Code

So when I bought my house, of course, I had an inspection done. It revealed lots of things like the need for a new sewer line in the back yard, the age of the water heater, and all the little things that were not quite up to current day code considering the house was built in 1964.

One of the big things was the garage. Somebody in the past, maybe the builder even, put up the drywall but they never finished it. And without tape and mud, the walls weren’t up to the current fire code. Apparently it’s a fire hazard to have unfinished walls in the garage.

I’ve been putting it off, using cold weather as an excuse all winter, but mostly, I didn’t want to do it.

But now, the weather is no longer an excuse with 95 degree days, so I gathered my will to go forward and taped, mudded, primed, and painted the garage.

after taping/mudding


It took one whole weekend to do the walls and another week (after work) to do the ceiling. But it’s up to code now! I won’t do a tutorial on taping/mudding. There are a million on the internet. I also wasn’t perfect, but I figured it’s the garage. People won’t be looking that closely at the little imperfections.

So now it’s white and bright and fire hazard free! Moving on, I also finally replaced the last two doorknobs which means all the locks have been changed and now one key opens all of them. It also means that all the doorknob holes are standard size. Yes, 3 of them were too small and had to be made bigger. UGH. My life.


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