1 Room, 6 Weeks – Laundry

Now that the bathroom is finally done, I can move onto other projects, hopefully less stressful projects that don’t involve plumbing *fingers crossed emoji*. So I’ve been on Pinterest for like only a year and a half (yes, I know, I was slow to join up even though my friend had been sending me invites since Pinterest first started years ago and you could only join with an invite). Since I’ve been on there, I’ve seen lots of blog posts about the “6 Week, 1 Room Challenge.” NGL, I’ve been wanting to try one even though I don’t like time restraints.

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Backyard Struggles: A Tale of Two Gates

One thing that I love about my house is the front of it. It is landscaped, complete with rock garden and a lawn installed with automatic sprinklers, and a giant tree that makes it look like I don’t live in a desert. What I don’t like about my house is the backyard that is filled with weeds and two giant pecan trees that drop pecans and branches everywhere.

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$60 Mid-Century Mod Bench

So you may know that I’ve got a huge laundry room that is literally just four walls and the washer/dryer. There are no cabinets, no shelves, nothing. It’s a blank slate and I’ve been racking my brain what to do with it. I knew I needed a drop-off place instead of letting things congregate on the counter, so I took the first step and built a bench.

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Bathroom Reno: Fixing Walls & Replacing Floors

This bathroom remodel/reno is definitely an on-going process, filled with lots of different steps. First, I removed all the wallpaper, a tedious task made only slightly better by my iPod. What was left was pretty ugly, tbh. I had two options: sand the walls really well so they could potentially be painted over directly, or skim coat.

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Bathroom Reno Step One: Removing Wallpaper

I have not forgotten about this blog! It’s been a busy time of year, both at work and at home, and I was traveling for two weeks which made working on the house not possible. I’m back, however, and the house projects have not stopped. They are eternally ongoing. I’ve had the house for 6 months now, and lived here about 4 which I guess means time to do bigger projects? So I’m starting with the bathroom.

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Installing Groutable Vinyl Tile – A Laundry Room Makeover

This whole buying a house thing has turned out to be a lot of work. It doesn’t help that I’ve been sick for the past month, but that’s all behind me now (right? I hope so. I’m tired of being sick). Not that being sick slowed me down at all, which was probably part of the reason it lasted so long. That and it turned out to be worse than I thought. Either way, sick or not, there are still a million things to do to the house. This weekend, it was the laundry room.

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DIY Desk Makeover

So I’ve had this desk for four years–I got it off Craiglist when I moved down to Texas and decided for some reason that I needed a desk. I really didn’t need a desk. I don’t do anything at a desk. When I use my laptop, it’s usually from a chair or the bed, not the desk with the uncomfortable and ugly chair, another $10 Craigslist find. The desk is one of those cheap, ugly, Walmart desks just like the kind I had in my college apartment that I sold after a year. For a long time, the desk sat unused, then it became my sister’s “office” desk at her house, but now that I’m in my own house, it was finally time to do something about it.

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